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March 31, 2010

 Receipt of two-page digests by e-mail to arwtr2010@uvigo.es 

For those ARWtr2010 particiapants who wish to present their contributions during Coffee Break- Poster Sessions have to submit a  digest of such contributions by March 31, 2010.


The digest in English of one or two pages with title, author's name, affiliation and address, has to summarize the content of the contribution: Keywords, aim, starting point, purpose, methodology/approach, findings, originality, conclusions and references.


April 30, 2010

 Notification of acceptance of digests Information on the preparation of manuscripts.


August 15, 2010

  Receipt of final poster-paper and oral-lecture manuscripts already selected.


* IMPORTANT: Authors must have their Registration done by the end of August 2010 in order to include their papers into ARWtr2010 Proceedings.




Template for poster-paper:       <Download_ARWtr2010_poster_paper_template.doc>.


Template for oral-lecture:         <Download_ARWtr2010_oral_lecture_template.doc>.


Content Guideline:                  <Download_ARWtr2010_Content_Guideline.doc>.


September 1, 2010


 Final programme.


October 3-6, 2010

ARWtr2010 days.



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