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 ARWtr2010 F e e



    Those who wish ensure their participation the advanced Registration is strongly recommended.



July 1, 2010




Sept. 1,  2010

Cash Desk


(Delegates, Authors, Co-authors)

480 Euros

560 Euros

600 Euros

560 Euros

 CIGRE and IEEE Members

(Delegates, Authors, Co-authors)

460 Euros

500 Euros

560 Euros

500 Euros

Ph.D. Students(0)

320 Euros

350 Euros

380 Euros

380 Euros

Accompanying Persons

310 Euros

330 Euros

360 Euros

330 Euros

 Additional Paper

100 Euros


100 Euros


5 % For bank commissions

will have to be added (1)

Guarantee Form (2)


(1)    For extra bank charges the  5 %  Fee final amount of registration must be added.
(2)    Paying Euro currency in Cash Desk without bank commissions is possible. For this option must be advanced the Guarantee Form by the end of September 2010. This option in not valid for Authors and Co-Authors who want to include their papers into Final Programme.(This option is not available by the moment, since the number of expected registrations with this option has been reached)
(0)    Student certificate will be requested. The number of Ph.D. Student registrations is limmited.

Participant Fee, CIGRE and IEEE Member Fee, and Ph.D. Student Fee covers:

Admission both in Technical  and Social activities.


Acompanying Persons Fee covers:

Admission in Social activities.

Additional Paper Fee: For the inclussion of an additional paper of authors with Participation Fee done.

Technical activities:

Oral and Poster-Coffee Sessions, Tutorials, One paper in proceedings, A copy of proceedings.


Social activities:

Lunches, Welcome Reception, ARWtr2010 Dinner at San Francisco Monastery and Technical visit.


-> For any cancellation, 150 Euros will be charged.


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